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Free Webinar: Investigations into Abuse & Misconduct at Castlebar Workhouse 1862-1863

In 1862 and 1863, Poor Law Inspector Dr. Benjamin Brodie, conducted two separate investigations at Castlebar Workhouse into alleged sexual impropriety, serious misconduct, physical abuse and cruelty; and a practice of forcing inmates to wash laundry for individuals in Castlebar without remuneration. Those targeted by the Women of the Workhouse Reformatory and others included the Master and Matron of the Workhouse, a leading Doctor in Castlebar; and a Member of the Castlebar Board of Guardians. Were the women & children guilty of insubordination and lying or was there truth in the allegations? Careers, reputations, and social standing were on the line for those accused. This Webinar will focus on the background to the investigations; the hearings; and the outcomes for all those involved. The Webinar will also consider what the investigations tell us about life in the Workhouse and Castlebar more generally in the 1860s.

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